Thursday, November 17, 2011

Behind Every Smile Is A Story

By Anand Bhende, MCLP Class 2012

We all have a story deep within our hearts, but do we share it with everyone else? Probably not.

I am a participant of MCLP class of 2012, and throughout the curriculum we have a very interesting series of session called 'Inspirational Stories', where each participant share their inspirational and intense story hiding behind their smiles. Believe me, it hard not to get involved and be emotional about it. But why would I get involved or even tell my personal story to a group of people? It the environment that the program develops to foster a real camaraderie to create an everlasting friendship.

We all have a journey which is called life and as we progress, we come across people that have touched our lives, created a big impact and helped us reach where we are today. It’s almost four months since we all started on this program but I can surely say that the participants are just not a group of people but someone I will remember for rest of life for helping me reach where I want to be.

We make various choices over the course of our lives without thinking about the consequences and ramifications that can make in our and those dear in our lives. When I look at a calm pond, and the ripples flowing out from even the tiniest spec dropped on the surface is amazing and reflects the effects we touch and intersect other people we don't even know of.

I am very impressed with how we get to know a person better each day. We started with MCLP as 25 individuals from diverse backgrounds and interests and over the course of time got to know each other through our sessions, projects or Facebook; to name a few. But I so am inspired about each participants inspirational speeches, which helps me know them better and know who they really are. I had heard that every individual can make a difference, but I am experiencing this in real life, how each of these individuals are making a difference in my life, their lives and the entire community they are serving in.