Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Team "Roof Raisers" Get Air Time

WJBC Radio Bloomington has provided an opportunity for many of our Multiculture Leadership Program community projects to be featured on the local airwaves.

Click HERE to listen to one of those interviews featuring Team “Roof Raisers” whose project goal was to increase awareness of Habitate for Humanity of McLean County through the implementation of a marketing plan.

Thanks for the support, WJBC!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Final Community Projects Presented

By Monica Palmer, Eurest Dining Services

On Saturday March 3, I was happy to be in the audience to witness presentation of the final results of community projects taken on by members of the Multicultural Leadership Program Class of 2012.

Strategically split into five teams, the participants were matched with a community project to research. They then successfully worked together to constructed a project plan, allowing them to accomplish a common goal. Sounds like leadership in action!

I hope you’re as impressed by the results as I am:

Community Health Care Clinic (CHCC)

Team “Scrubs” goal was to develop a Cost Savings Analyst tool for CHCC. The tool tracks and shows the cost savings associated with a reduction in Emergency Department (ED) visits and hospitalizations. Components include: cost of running CHCC for a given year, revenues CHCC generated, savings associated with ED, hospitalization reductions, and benefit estimates associated with productivity.

Illinois Prairie Community Foundation

Team “I Can” (Increase Community Awareness Now) goals included implementation of a new website, development of social media strategy and presence, and creation of training to support technology initiatives. It was also very important to the team to incorporate social media into the webpage along with a Donate Now! button.

Heartland Head Start

Team ‘The Consolidators’ consolidated 10 educational parental lessons into four crucial ones and made them available in English and Spanish. The group reached out to numerous other organizations and people to help with this program, including the Hispanic Employee Resource Organization (HERO), and professors, teachers and students from Illinois Wesleyan University, Illinois State University and local high schools.

Ecology Action Center

Team “E.A.C.H and Everyone Matters” concentrated on recycling awareness within the West side of Bloomington. The team hosted an event in the community where approximately 75 residents attended to decorate and personalize recycling bins to be used daily in their homes. Also, the event was made family-friendly by having face painting available and the fire department attended.

Habitat for Humanity of McLean County

Team “Roof Raisers” had the goal to increase awareness by implementing a marketing plan for Habitat for Humanity. The team implemented a SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) analysis and received a lot of actionable feedback from it. For example, an internship program is in the works to begin either this summer or fall.

Looking for new projects

I applaud the community work the current MCLP Class completed. But it doesn’t stop there. Soon we’ll have a Class of 2013 and they’ll need project work too.

So, if you’re a local non-profit with a project need, please submit your proposal to MCLP. Go to here for more info. Initial requests need to be submitted by May 15 with June 15 as the date for final project proposals for the 2013 Class.