Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Transformative Leadership Opportunity Unlike Any Other

blog by Maddy Holstein

I have attended numerous recruitment and informational sessions throughout my college career, none of which compares to the Multicultural Leadership Program. There was a sense of passion, confidence, and professionalism with each speaker that left me believing one would gain not only heightened leadership skills, but also would become a better individual overall. I am genuinely proud to say I live in a community where this wonderful program exists. 

This was the first experience for me where recruiters of a program primarily consisted of alumni. Who knows the ins and outs of a program from the participant perspective better than its graduates? There was a genuine enthusiasm emitted from each person who spoke that could not have been scripted. I never once heard anyone voice, “This will be easy” or “This program is for everyone.” What filled my ears was not a planned speech set to influence the audience, but instead truthful testimonies, passionate answers, and friendly remarks. I was also delighted when I found out these graduates, among others from the program, are still working with it presently as mentors, board members, or volunteers.

Alumni representing previous classes were present during the recruitment meeting, allowing the audience to ask questions and gain insight on the program. Each individual spoke openly and honestly of the program, promoting it whole heartedly as a transformative experience in his or her life. Hearing the testimonials from these past graduates projected a sense of accomplishment over the crowd. As the informational session progressed, the audience of prospective participants eagerly asked more questions, none of which were left unanswered. It was admirable to hear how the hard work put into the program led each person to become a stronger leader, an innovative thinker, and a better person.

The Multicultural Leadership Program is creating a new group of leaders each year in our community that exhibit courageous leadership skills and an innovative, diversely thinking individual. If you are 21 years of age or older and either live or work in McLean County, I enthusiastically recommend looking into this program. The time commitment, program objectives, and session information can be found on the MCLP website. I highly encourage any individual striving to make a difference in the community and within themselves to become part of this program.