Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Important Balance of Work and Life

By Monica Palmer, Eurest Dining Services

Early Saturday, Feb. 4, while many people were still in bed, members of the Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP) Class of 2012 were shouting “I am wonderfully made. I love me. I’m worth it.”

The shouts were at the encouragement of Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker Felicia Shaw. Excited for the MCLP Work Life Balance session, Felicia begins to truly inspire the class.

“Often stress happens because we don’t say NO often enough.” How right is Felicia!

A lot of people have difficultly balancing career and a healthy personal life. Having a career which provides a sense of worth and financial stability is important to many, however it is also crucial to have the time for a healthy personal life.

Felicia came to the MCLP group with worksheets and exercises to help the participants narrow down what is important to them and provide them with time for reflection.

“If I look at your calendar and bank statements, will I see that you are spending your time and money on things that are important to you?” With this question, Felicia had the wheels turning in everyone’s head.

Highlighted in this session was scheduling, making AND completing goals, and celebrating the completion of goals. Thank you Felicia for all your tips to reduce stress, motive, and take accountability for goals!

More about the Feb. 4 MCLP session can be found here.

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  1. We are very thankful to you posting this great experience.