Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inspired Graduate Ready to Make a Difference

By Craig Luchtefeld, 2012 MCLP Graduate
I spent last Saturday night celebrating what’s right in our community and the world with people I care about the most. It just doesn’t get any better.

It was graduation for my MCLP Class of 2012.

It was a celebration of those who make the program possible. It was a celebration of the family and friends that sacrificed their time to allow us to participate fully. It was a celebration of those that strive to make a positive impact within our community. It was a celebration of those that strive to do the right thing, no matter the circumstances.

What made the night so special for me was spending it with my family, my fellow classmates, and my co-workers. These are the folks who inspire me to do my very best, each and every day. So, to be able to relax on a beautiful Saturday night, alongside the people who matter to me the most, to celebrate and be inspired by local leaders as well as Paul Rusesabagina, is truly something I will always cherish.

Graduation marks the end of our nine-month journey. And, it also signifies the beginning of something bigger and better. We’ve been given the tools to make a difference within our community and our world. Personally, I’m very excited to take what I’ve learned and pay it forward.

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  1. We are very thankful to you posting this great experience.